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Over the years, Driven Solutions has provided the best in ancillary auto protection and 24-hour roadside assistance for some of the biggest Fortune 500 automotive manufacturers and dealer organizations.


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Emergency Roadside Service requests should be requested by calling your emergency roadside program toll-free number. If you are unable to locate your number, please call 1-877-869-3673 for assistance.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Want to raise your levels of customer satisfaction? Our tire and wheel protection may be just the ticket. After all, tires and wheels are where the rubber hits the road. Literally. By giving your customer the peace of mind that their tires and wheels are always protected, you raise their level satisfaction and cement their relationship with your brand. 

“Flexibility. Adaptablity. That’s what you get when you do business with Driven Solutions. Inifinite combinations hand-tailored to meet your company’s needs.”

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Driven Solutions

How Tire and Wheel Protection Works

This tire and wheel protection package provides comprehensive coverage of your customer’s vehicle in the event of tire damage resulting from a road hazard. We can even tailor our tire and wheel protection to include optional cosmetic tire and wheel protection coverage that repairs minor curb damage including scratches, nicks and dings. Our tire and wheel protection coverage works in tandem with our 24/7 roadside assistance in the U.S. and Canada.

So what are you waiting for? Contact a member of our business development team and let us demonstrate for you how tire and wheel protection can keep your customer satisfaction rolling.

(Not available in all states. Some restrictions apply.)

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